Research Areas

Medical Imaging Informatics

  • NSF REU Program in Medical Informatics Program
  • Computer-aided detection, diagnosis, and characterization for lung nodule interpretation
  • Bridging the gap between human and computer interpretation of similarity in the medical domain
  • Prediction of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Tracking Illness with Tweets

Web Data Mining, Web Personalization, and Recommender Systems

  • Using data mining and recommender systems to facilitate large-scale requirements processes
  • Ontology-based user modeling for web personalization and recommendation
  • Recommender Systems for the Social Web
  • Trustworthy and Secure Recommender Systems for the Web
  • Multi-dimensional recommendation in Complex Heterogeneous Networks

Leadership Hospitality Projects

  • Food and Beverage Analytics and Optimization Modeling
  • Restaurant Revenue Analytics and Predictive–Profit Optimization Scenarios

Other Applications

  • In Search of Perfection: Describing the Users and Non-Users of Body Enhancement

Previous Projects

  • Analysis of legionellosis occurrence
  • Big Shoulders Fund project
  • A data-driven typology of urban communities

If you are interested to work on any of these projects as part of your capstone project or independent study, please contact Dr. Daniela Raicu or Dr. Raffaella Settimi.