Student Group

About Us

The DePaul Data Science Group serves current graduate students seeking master’s degrees in Data Science (MSDS). Our goal is to support success in the program and in the job search process by:

  • Connecting MSDS students with industry professionals, alumni & faculty
  • Providing advice about the program
  • Providing supplemental skills training
  • Providing job search preparation information unique to data science & analytics

We do this by organizing:

  • Workshops & skills training
  • Company presentations
  • Panel discussions with data scientists & analytics professionals
  • Social events & Networking
  • Hackathons

Board Members

Monica Stettler
Rae Chiang 
VP, Professional Development
Ivy Yun
VP, Academic Department
Wenyi Yan
VP, Marketing Department
Yan Yu
VP, Internal Relations
Fangjing Zhan
VP, Professional Development

Membership & Event Information

All current MSDS students automatically receive emails for our events. There is no special membership. If you are not in the MSDS program and are interested in receiving these emails, please sign up for the DaMPA email list below. We welcome and encourage participation from alumni and anyone interested in data science, machine learning and analytics.