AI Practicum: BMW’S Dr. Chin on Powering The Ultimate Driving Machine with ML

We all know that cars are becoming more connected and intelligent and are going to become autonomous. With that, there is a huge influx of real-time streaming data coming from the cars, but how do we make sense of this data? The car is not just about going from point A to point B anymore, but rather delivering a holistic experience that revolves around the activities in our daily lives. Car manufacturers are using big data, machine learning and AI to understand consumer behaviors, preventive maintenance, purchasing patterns, and driving patterns. What are the challenges and opportunities that big data and machine learning can address? With cars being connected to the internet and car manufacturers are becoming more like software companies, the focus is being shifted from traditional hardware platforms towards the software and services platform, leveraging scalable cloud computing with machine learning and IoT. Learn what BMW is doing with machine learning to address the challenges of journey management, integrating daily activities into the car and autonomous driving, to make the car become The Ultimate Smart Driving Machine.

Alvin Chin is a Senior Researcher in Machine Learning at BMW Technology Corporation in Chicago, part of the BMW Group. His research interests include connected car, machine learning, big data, mobile social networking, and ubiquitous computing. Dr. Chin has authored more than 30 publications and 10 patents, including pending. He received a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Toronto and previously worked for Nokia Research Center, Nokia and Microsoft in Beijing, China, prior to moving to Chicago. More about Dr. Chin can be found on his website at​


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