Student Presentations at Chicago City Data Meetup

Taihua Li presenting 21st Century Learning Analytics

Taihua Li presenting 21st Century Learning Analytics

The Masters of Science in Predictive Analytics at Chicago’s DePaul University addresses the growing demand of data scientists by providing a program that blends technical and analytical skills with opportunities to apply these skills to real world data. On Wednesday, May 3rd, students of the program presented some of their projects at The Microsoft Technology Center Chicago. Topics include:

1. Application of Unsupervised Clustering Algorithms to Chicago Housing Segmentation
by Zehra Bakari, Mak Hozo, Peigeng Li

2. Project Clear Water
by Renel Chesak, Callin Osborn

3. Reading Chicago Reading: Modeling Texts and Readers in Public Library System
by Hyunyou Choi, Yingting Guan

4. Chicago Crime and Social Economics Analysis
by Shuang Ling, Bhanumathi Ramaiah

5. User Guided 3-Dimensional Volumetric Shape Generation
by Yuxuan Zhang

6. 21st Century Learning Analytics
by Taihua Li, Taha Hamid, Jennifer Baltes

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